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Keep Looking Up

I’m trying to see a bit more of my world by trying to take photos of things above normal eye level. Luckily I live in a city with loads of old buildings so finding things to shoot should be interesting.


Beautiful Paddington

Homeward bound! The gorgeous arches of Paddington let me bid them a farewell on my way back out of London. Fabulous architecture from a time when even a simple roof was created as a work of art.


Sunny Shard

It’ll never last! Looking at the forecast there’s rain pretty much all day tomorrow so a quick photo of a sunny day is a must. 


Mind Expansion. Not much but some!

With a General Election just around the corner, I thought it might be time to read my first ever book on politics. 

Mr Clegg always seemed like a chap I’d enjoy taking to so I thought I’d make his book the first. It’s actually quite a good read. He’s going through how the coalition government was formed and the difficulties of two ideologies colliding.


Flower Tote

We were over at Showborough House today for the Affordable Garden Art Exhibition they’re running at the moment. There were a ton of really creative and fascinating sculptures so I was merrily snapping away getting some great images.
My favourite? Oh, that was a picture of a bottle tote full of flowers.
No, they weren’t in the show, they were just in the garden.

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