Setting the SQL Server Campatibility mode to 90 on all databases

OK, so I know I’m jumping the gun a little, I’ll be posting some stuff about how I moved over my databases to the SQL 2005 box later. I’ve just been working on this stuff all morning so I thought I’d upload the script I wrote quickly.
This script creates as an output a number of SQL commands that will change the compatibility modes of all databases on your server. That said, if you change the command in the cursor, it can be used to change anything on all databases.
Basically, you just run the script, copy the outcome and run that. This will allow you to remove any databases you don’t want or change anything you like before running the eventual script.
The script genrating script idea was one I pinched from Microsoft I’m afraid.

Click Here to get the Code

Run it then in the results pane you’ll see all the commands ready to be copied and pasted into the query window.
Nice! 🙂