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Had the extreme displeasure of watching Catwoman today…. Terrible isn’t the word! 🙂
Excessive use of unnecessary cgi cannot and will not ever make a terrible screenplay good.

There, I’m done preaching now! 😀


Species 2

Just watched Species 2 for the first time tonight. It’s not the best sci-fi in the world but it’s probably got one of the highest boob counts in sci-fi for sure!
What are we looking at? Alien porn?!? 🙂


Suits the Musical!

One of the greatest TV moments/songs ever in my humble opinion!



Big Bang Theory – Series 3

Well, the wait is finally over. Me and the other two people left on the planet who actually wait for shows to air on a TV station can now enjoy the Big Bang Theory’s new season! YAY!

That’s right, I’m finally catching up with everyone who downloaded them all months ago! If you’d care to join me in enjoying the GREATEST SHOW EVER! then please do tune in at 21:00, E4 on Thursdays for series three. If you haven’t seen the other two, get the boxed sets/download them etc. They’re brilliant!

Um…. I guess that’s it. Gimme a break, I’m ill! 🙂


Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock

Sick of people looking at me funny when I mention this. Here’s the Big Bang Theory clip that explains the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

Everybody got that? Good! 😀


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