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Sorry if the site looks odd

Hi everyone!
I’m in the process of learning Cascading Style Sheets again (I played with them a bit when I was younger).

As the site is quiet, I’m going to be using it to try out some new looks on a WordPress framework so I’m really sorry if the site looks weird for a couple of weeks/months!!

On the plus side, I’ll hopefully have a couple of new themes to use on here and if anybody’s interested I could do a quick run through of what I did to make them.

More soon (I hope)!


Getting the Spell Checker to work after a fresh install of Raspbian

This post is more to help me remember than anything else. After installing Raspbian on my new Pi Zero W this evening, I found that the spell checker just doesn’t work in LibreOffice or anywhere else for that matter.

The easy fix is to install a spell checker dictionary manually. Get a console going and type sudo apt-get install myspell-en-gb 
Pretty simple when you know the answer! šŸ™‚


WordPress Android App

As I type I’m using the WordPress app on my Android tablet. Apart from a rather clunky image uploading and embedding system, is quite easy to use.
Writing posts on this is just as easy as Facebook or Twitter, it’s just the photo handling that seems to be letting it down. Never mind, that’s pretty easy to work around.

I’ll keep plugging away at this and see if there are any tips or tricks I can pass on. More (hopefully) soon.


Playing with Windows 8

Windows 8 Logo (Blue)I’ve been using the Windows 8 preview for a couple of months now on a laptop that I’ve tried to use pretty much all the time, at home anyway.

I have yet to be utterly convinced about theĀ absenceĀ of the Start button and itsĀ accompanyingĀ menu but the (artist formally known as Metro) interface is usable. I’ve not had much need to use many “Windows 8 Interface” apps as yet so I’ll reserve judgement on that. The ones I have seen look a bit noddy but are functional, rather reminiscent of iPhone apps but I guess that’s the point. If so, well done Microsoft, you’ve cracked it.

As I’ve stated before I am an unashamed Microsoft fan boy and I’m pleased as punch that Microsoft seem to have hit the right note for a domestic user with thisĀ iterationĀ of Windows.

Microsoft has had the inverse of the Star Trek curse for many years (in their case the even numbered ones are usually considered crap) and from a business use point of view that could be the case here. I bet I could find people who are still shocked about the Start menu showing up let alone being replaced in some businesses. I’d be a little surprised if Windows 8 is adopted any more widely than on business tablet PCs to be honest. We’ll see though, the potential isĀ incredibleĀ for a unified user interface across phone, tablet,Ā laptopĀ and desktop implementations.

What I can tell you is that I plan to adopt Windows 8 on every single thing I own that can run it when it’sĀ released. How’s that?


Visual Basic Express

Well, its that time again where I start getting the bug to write little silly programs and get the geek out of my system so I thought VB would be a good place to start. Yes, I know, I should be teaching myself Powershell but I want to have a bit of fun while I’m at it so I thought trying to write a command line app to do various things might be fun.

Yes, I’m very sad like that but hey! I enjoy it and its not hurting anyone (that I know of!). šŸ˜€

If you fancy having a go at anything like the stuff I’m doing, I’d advise you check out the Visual Studio Express 2010 products available for free download on the Microsoft Website here.
Anyhow, my download’s finished so I’m off to play for a bit!

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