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A Bit of Stability at Ferrari

Although I’m disappointed the Bottas rumours didn’t pan out I’m happy Ferrari decided to keep Raikkonen in their race seat for next season. Although the results haven’t been forthcoming so far this season is not for lack of effort from Kimi. Mechanical failures and accidents happen to drivers in groups and it seems Raikkonen has had his share.

With all the upheaval of the last season or so, it’s good to see some continuity at Maranello for a change. Let’s see what can be done with the remainder of the season. With Spa this weekend and Monza coming up there’ll be some good racing to watch. 🙂


Valencia 2012

Thank you Perrelli!
A proper F1 race at Valencia, who knew that could happen?!? 😀


Valencia 2012 – Qualifying

So, Vettel gets another digit stretching opportunity as he once again gets pole this season and by quite a margin when you compare it to other qualifying sessions this season.

I have never once said I’m looking forward to the race at Valencia and I’m not going to this time. Yes, we have both Ferraris, a McLaren and a Red Bull out of position but with the bore-fest that is the Valancian race, I’m still struggling to care. 🙂

Please please please F1, with your crazy tires and DRS assisted passes; can we actually have a race this year instead of a procession of cars that deserve to be at a proper race track rolling slowly around a car park? PLEASE?!? 😀


China 2012

What a race! If all the races are going to end up being as interesting as that one, we might have ourselves a brilliant season on our hands! 🙂

Nail biting all the way through…


Didn’t Button do Well

It’s been ages since I last posted anything F1 related, I can hear the groans from you now!

I just wanted to say congrats to the Ferrari boys at Monza over the weekend and definitely make a note of saying how well Button drove. Yep, this is me, praising the driving of a McLaren driver. Try sitting down, it’ll help.

Having picked out what can only be considered the least likely of the possible aero packages (high downforce at a track that’s 70% full throttle?) he not only made it work, he did a fantastic job of showing that manoeuvrability can work even on low downforce tracks too.

Obviously, Ferrari had a quicker car on the straights but Jenson managed to play a blinder, in the end beaten by the Ferrari pit crew not Alonso on track. That’s quite something when you think about it.

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