Personal Best

Well, it’s been three weeks since anyone has been to this site so I think it’s fair to say it’s not exactly a hotbed of activity for the internet enabled community! 

I’m pretty sure this is the quietest part of the word wide web right now. I’m going to go with it being a sanctuary of calm in this crazy world. A place where you can be alone. 🙂

Quick Recap

OK, since I last posted anything I’ve turned 40, been given a PlayStation 4 (cheers Ian) and have acquired, mostly as gifts, a number of tools that’ll help with a few projects I’ve been planning around the house. 

As we rent, there’s very little that we’re authorised to do on our place. No screws or nails in the walls, no painting, no anything really. This has meant storage is at a premium as shelves can’t be put up unless they’re free standing. It’s fair to say that’s priority one on the list. We need places to store stuff so let’s see what I can construct. 

I’d love to try something with doors and drawers but I’ll start small. If I can use a chisel after all these years without losing a finger it’ll be a massive plus!

Testing the Photo Upload Workflow

This is the result of a test workflow on my phone to edit and upload a photo in WordPress.


Hopefully, it will be the correct size (ie 600px wide)

As it stands, the workflow is:
Take picture (duh!) > Edit in Photoshop Express app > Resize in Photo Resizer App > Embed in post via WordPress App.
A few more steps than would be ideal but it’s not a showstopper when the convenience of blogging on the move is taken into account. I don’t blog at all so it’s all kinda moot! 😀

WordPress Android App

As I type I’m using the WordPress app on my Android tablet. Apart from a rather clunky image uploading and embedding system, is quite easy to use.
Writing posts on this is just as easy as Facebook or Twitter, it’s just the photo handling that seems to be letting it down. Never mind, that’s pretty easy to work around.

I’ll keep plugging away at this and see if there are any tips or tricks I can pass on. More (hopefully) soon.

Pub Fact for the Day

Did you know that the longest word you can type using only the top line of characters on a QWERTY keyboard is typewriter?

Yeah, it blew my mind too! 🙂