Out and About Tonight

Got to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie today, the difficult second album. They did a great job, Groot was awesome as usual. The comedy value of baby Groot was used to full effect. Great.

Straight from the cinema to drinks and a catch up with my girls. They very kindly posed for a pic so I didn’t miss my photo today. Bless ’em! 🙂

The Clothing Rack on the Far Right

Caught sight of this and I just had to make it the image of the day. A bit right wing for my tastes! 

Walking Past the Cathedral When…

On a morning walk I decided to swing by the cathedral and I spotted three of Her Majesty’s stones with her cat’s eye masons mark looking down at me.
Choosing today’s image was about as easy as it gets!

Runner up from the Weekend

No new photo today, work was insane and we’re getting the cave ready for an inspection by our letting agent (it sucks).
I thought you might like to see the runner up from the weekend’s woodland shoot so here goes: 


One of my favourite Star Trek the Next Generation episodes. If nothing else but for nerds to meet up and have a code to speak in. 

Temba, his arms wide. 🙂