Promoting Wildlife at the Allotment

French Marigolds! We now have bees merrily going from flower to flower (including the strawberries) so everyone’s winning!

Keep Looking Up

I’m trying to see a bit more of my world by trying to take photos of things above normal eye level. Luckily I live in a city with loads of old buildings so finding things to shoot should be interesting.

Beautiful Paddington

Homeward bound! The gorgeous arches of Paddington let me bid them a farewell on my way back out of London. Fabulous architecture from a time when even a simple roof was created as a work of art.

Sunny Shard

It’ll never last! Looking at the forecast there’s rain pretty much all day tomorrow so a quick photo of a sunny day is a must. 

Mind Expansion. Not much but some!

With a General Election just around the corner, I thought it might be time to read my first ever book on politics. 

Mr Clegg always seemed like a chap I’d enjoy taking to so I thought I’d make his book the first. It’s actually quite a good read. He’s going through how the coalition government was formed and the difficulties of two ideologies colliding.