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Sorry if the site looks odd

Hi everyone!
I’m in the process of learning Cascading Style Sheets again (I played with them a bit when I was younger).

As the site is quiet, I’m going to be using it to try out some new looks on a WordPress framework so I’m really sorry if the site looks weird for a couple of weeks/months!!

On the plus side, I’ll hopefully have a couple of new themes to use on here and if anybody’s interested I could do a quick run through of what I did to make them.

More soon (I hope)!

Getting the Spell Checker to work after a fresh install of Raspbian

This post is more to help me remember than anything else. After installing Raspbian on my new Pi Zero W this evening, I found that the spell checker just doesn’t work in LibreOffice or anywhere else for that matter.

The easy fix is to install a spell checker dictionary manually. Get a console going and type sudo apt-get install myspell-en-gb 
Pretty simple when you know the answer! 🙂

It’s the Little Things

Above is a short video I shot on the plane just over a year ago when we were heading out to Colorado for the International Snow Sculpture Championships. It’s not an exciting video but it is a video of the first takeoff I’d been on since a Canada trip last century. 

To call me a nervous flyer I is a mild understatement. I had no intention of ever setting foot on anything that was heading skyward again, ever. Circumstances of course conspired against me and back I was on a plane. Medication is a wonderful thing! 

Personal Best

Well, it’s been three weeks since anyone has been to this site so I think it’s fair to say it’s not exactly a hotbed of activity for the internet enabled community! 

I’m pretty sure this is the quietest part of the word wide web right now. I’m going to go with it being a sanctuary of calm in this crazy world. A place where you can be alone. 🙂