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Cleaver Wielding Hottie!

Ching-He Huang, the only woman so far who’s ever got me to use a wok in anger, has been on TV recently presenting her new show Chinese Food Made Easy. As part of the corresponding web site, I was pleased to find that the beeb and Ching had filmed some extra footage for the web.

An example would be this iplayer movie. In this, Ching shows us how to use a cleaver. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say a woman swinging a cleaver has my undivided attention! 😀



To redress the balance having sung the praises of Mr Blue in a previous post I thought it only fair to let REM have their crack at the title!

As everyone knows, this is actually my favourite song…. 😀


The Unit Season 3

How long are we meant to wait? Amazon lists season 3 of the Unit as being available from the 20th October! Its already being shown on Virgin 1.

I’m not a patient man when it comes to picking up boxed sets. Anyone who knows me knows that!!!

Three months to go. This is TORTURE I tell you! 😀


Hamilton Does it Again – Hockenheim 2008

Once again, another race that reminds us F1 fans why we are F1 fans!

A stunning drive from Lewis Hamilton, driving his way to the front after his team lost their way slightly during the safety car period. Loads of overtaking, race tactics and inspired driving from a great deal of the participants.

The overtaking is something definitely worth a mention. Vettel holding Alonso behind him was an incredible piece of driving, forcing an error that resulted in Alonso being overtaken by two other cars! That’s about as “elbows out” as it gets! (It probably didn’t help that Alonso was obviously peeved with Vettel about the pit lane thing, I wonder what’ll come of that?)
On the flip side of the coin, Massa blatantly opening the door for Hamilton to pass him at the hairpin. Massa, mate, what were you thinking? Holding the inside line going down to the corner then sweeping left; out of the way of Hamilton? I know its not true but it just seems Massa almost gives up as soon as Hamilton is following him.

Piquet’s quiet drive to the front is surely going to be the highlight of his career so far. Finally, the raw talent he was showing in GP2 has come through. Simply brilliant.

So, to sum up. Ferrari’s drivers need to up their game if they want that championship. Hamilton is roaring ahead and just getting faster. Car developments or not, that man is getting faster and faster. He’s developing a driving technique that’s taking that car way beyond the performances any other driver could accomplish. Bravo!


Mr Blue!

I finally found it! One of the most brilliant songs in the history of the known universe…. OK, bit of an exageration but its Mr Blue by the Dance Hall Crashers! “Never heard of it” I hear you cry, well I’ve been trawling the web trying to find it and I finally have!

If you follow the link below to the grooveshark website, you can listen to it.

http://listen.grooveshark.com/song/Mr_Blue/1880005 (give it a few seconds, it starts the song automatically)

Many many many eternal thanks to Paul for his post of the excellent grooveshark website on his blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been looking for this for AGES!

Update: I also managed to find the video on YouTube too!

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