Well done Mr Hamilton! Silverstone 2008.

A bitter sweat race that one wasn’t it?

Second to last race (we’ll see) for Silverstone and the last one there for DC. Worse still, landing up in the kitty litter on lap one can’t exactly be the race he had planned.

Although I’ve spent years as a Ferrari fan I can still appreciate strategies and driving by other teams and drivers. Honda totally made the right calls (Brawn was exceptional as always in his tyre choices for the drivers) and of course McLaren (especially Lewis) did an incredible job. To drive that well on tyres that must’ve felt as if they were made of ice is astonishing. People use the word too much but I really did see an amount of “Schumacher” in his ability to judge the grip level so perfectly.

Silverstone was a race where a whole bunch of drivers answered their critics perfectly, Hamilton answered his critics in the best way possible. Heidfeld answered all those that said Kubica was tearing him a new one and of course Barrichello, what a guy! Too old to race? My arse!

As for my beloved Ferrari? Well, I’ll just say: No comment! 🙂