Massa’s Revenge – Valencia 2008

As first races go, it looked like Valencia had spent quite a bit of money and time getting the track and paddock areas fitted in time for the start of the race weekend. Shakedowns had already taken place with the GP2 and other races that had taken place there but I don’t think a circuit can truly be considered ready for F1 to descend on it unless they’ve done it before. As was the case in Canada, even a track that’s held races before may not be able to cope with the forces exerted on it by this season’s cars. The tarmac literally being torn up by them in that case.

This race definitely had its good and bad parts. The fact that Massa managed to take his car from pole to the win was a plus, the explosion of a second Ferrari engine due to a con rod failure from the same batch as Massa’s last one wasn’t! The promised overtaking was nowhere near as evident as any F1 fan would like it to be and to be honest, I was rather disappointed with the whole thing.

As it stands, I really think we’re going to be in a position soon where the title goes down to the wire once again and bravo for that. If the teams can set up their cars and the drivers still in the hunt can pull the kind of driving they all have over the past few races, we’ve got a formula 1 season finale to look forward to!

Speaking of looking forward. F1’s off to Spa next. Can’t wait……..