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Month: November 2008

Take a look around the global village – Earthcam

Here’s a question. Have you ever checked out some of the fascinating web cams people have set up?

Checking out Earthcam, an old website I used to look at years ago, I was pleased to see they’re still up to their old tricks and showing you some interesting places in the world, live.

So, if you want to check out Times Square in New York at street level or have a look at pretty much any major city you can think of, check it out. I was trawling through it for a few hours yesterday evening. Marvelous! 😀


Plymouth lovely Plymouth

Silly title really as I’ve only seen Plymouth so far this visit by riding in a car past it but you get my drift. Staying in a holiday cottage thingy just outside the place, haven’t left it yet other than to go shopping for food. My kinda break.

Its been a bit of a family thing, I came down here with my parents, had a visit from my aunt and uncle and now I’m looking forward to seeing my sister, brother in law, nephews and neice.
Mafia or what?!? 😀


I will have the Penne a la Arrabiatta!

OK, so its considered lazy in blogging circles to post YouTube videos created by other people but I just can’t help it! I think if you love a video enough to recommend others watch it, its a compliment to the creator.

The audio is Eddie Izzard on stage (so there’s some swearing) but someone took the trouble of creating a Lego animation to explain the action. Genius stuff!

Big thanks to Mark at work for originally showing this to me. I’m still laughing at it 6 months on!


What a Finish! – Brazil 2008

Say what you like about F1 this season, that finish was quite amazing. Watching Hamilton lose and regain the world championship in the course of so few corners really was a great finish to this season.

Being a Ferrari and particularly Massa fan, I was deeply saddened to see him occupy the world champion position only to have it taken from him in the last two corners. You could see the sheer disappointment and sorrow of the man as he had to stand on the podium and pretend he actually cared he’s just won his home race.

Throughout this year’s championship, Massa, Hamilton, Ferrari and McLaren have been taking it in turns to royally screw up on a race by race basis. How either of the drivers managed to be in a position to go for the championship is a testament to the fact that when they were good, they were very good! Consistency seemed to be a force that was lacking all the way through this season, consistency of concentration, motivation and decisions by the governing body.

All I hope is that this ambiguity regarding the stewards and their decisions is dealt with in the downtime between seasons. Lets please get back to racing and accepting the judgement of people who everyone agrees are qualified to make the calls. No appeals because none are needed, get it right first time!

I’m sure I’ll be chatting more about the race outcomes, how I’m missing the races and generally rambling on about my sport of choice so I’ll stop now before I bore you.
I already have?… Sorry! 😀


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