2009 Regulation Cars

OK, so I’m not going mad am I? How ugly are the new F1 cars this season?!?

I know I was the only one who thought that the 2008 season’s cars actually looked pretty cool with all the winglets and so on sticking out of them. Everyone else apparently wanted the cars to look more simple and sleek. But do you really think they look nice now? They’ve got massive front wings (which are bound to end up under the car after the first corner, killing the car’s steering) and those utterly laughable rear wings.

That rear wing is really going to take some getting used to, it makes the cars look like they’re pedal powered prams or something. Yuk!

That said, I know in a few months time, after the first few races, I’ll be pointing at this post and laughing. Its just how I feel right now. Those cars (with the exception of the Williams which seems to pull it off) look truly ugly! 🙂