Only 6 Weeks to GO!

Six weeks on Sunday and we get to watch the new regulation cars belting around Melbourne once again. Last year was a bit of a disaster for Ferrari (both drivers not getting on with losing traction control) so I’m hoping for a better result from them.

I’m still worried that we still haven’t heard about a buyer for the “was Honda” team. Rumours abound there’s a management buyout in the offing but that’s going to make one of the most innovative (albeit unsuccessful) teams a private one. Budget cuts across the sport will help but without a strong sponsor, they’ll die a back-marker team with excellent drivers. Let’s just wait and see about that one.

Anyhoo, happy posts Ed! 6 weeks until we get to get up early, sit there with a duvet wrapped around you watching those very funny looking cars crash into each other at turn one.
To say I can’t wait just doesn’t cut it! 😀