Snow problems here!

What are they on about on the news at the moment? Looking at the story on the BBC website, I can’t help but laugh at poor old blighty.
Snow you say? Well, that’s it, pack up the tents we’re going home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that people are a little peeved with the fact this snow was forecast last week yet still managed to take much of the country by surprise. What I have to laugh at is the coverage. Some fool standing in the middle of London, pointing at a “snow drift” an inch high and telling us the world’s ending.

Take a trip up North, or how about the cottswolds, where I live. That’s snow!! 😀

My heart goes out to those actually affected by this weather, those who’ve lost heat or light as a result of this. Also of course, the homeless. This really must be a night of hell for them. Come on BBC, lets show their plight and get some more donations for the many charities helping those souls.