USF1 Team Launch on the 24th of Feb

USF1, a new team rumoured to be aiming for the grid in 2010 have now placed a timer on the front of their website and annouced they’ll have something to say to the world on the 24th of this month. 

Personally, I’m quite excited by the prospect of a team that is trying to build a Formula 1 car in the states, entirely with US parts and presumably an American technical team. With Force India based here in Blighty, its refreshing to hear about a team that are planning to race as an American team and actually have components under the hood that are American in design and manufacture.

Oddly, they’re apparently not phased that they don’t have a race in the US at the moment. I suppose there’s a bit of a double edge to the home race sword. Just look at Toyota when they go to Fuji!!

Break a leg USF1, see you on the 24th. 😀