Melbourne 2009

Well, I said it was going to be a good season! 🙂

I can’t fault the Brawn team for the wonderful performance they managed to put in today. Yeah sure, there are some teething troubles and the operation isn’t as slick as it might be in the races to come but you just can’t knock the speed those cars were carrying.

My only concerns now are the provisional win awarded to Button (which could get taken away at the the rear diffuser row’s appeal hearing on April 14th) and whether the Brawn GP team will be capable of sustaining performances like that week in week out.
Button has already pointed out that the car is notoriously difficult to change the setup on. He gave an example of a change that should take 10 minutes taking over an hour. This could boil down to the team having one shot at getting the setup right or losing out competitively for the whole weekend.

Ferrari once again had an attack of the curse of Melbourne. One day they’ll get both cars to finish and we’ll all be able to watch the heavens topple!

Great drives by everyone. If this is what F1 looks like this season, fetch me a beer, I’m going to be watching this for some time….