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Month: May 2009 (page 1 of 2)

Samsung’s NC10

Well, it arrived this morning and in a word, its gorgeous!

As promised, I’m typing this on the NC10 itself and I can report that the keyboard is just as good as I’d heard. Its nice and snappy loading web pages and the like so I can see this thing getting a great deal of use for blogging and emailing.

I love this thing! 🙂


The Final Countdown!

Well, tomorrow’s the day when we are supposed to learn who’s applying to take part in the 2010 championship and who isn’t.

With Williams breaking cover and signing up, FOTA had no real choice but to suspend them to save face. You can see both sides of the argument on that one, I think they were both in the right as Williams can’t pull out of F1 and FOTA can’t been seen to give in easily.

I’m sure all of this guff will blow over as soon as it started, we’ll be back to drivers bitching about super licence costs before you know it! 🙂


Coming Soon: Samsung NC10

In a slight rush of blood to our heads, her majesty and I have decided to pick up the cheap as chips (yes, that was an intended pun) NC10 from Samsung.

I ordered it today and we’re expecting it to arrive on Saturday. If its any good, I’ll be sure to write something up here about it. Come to think about it, I’ll probably be writing the review on it!

Anyhow, worlds to conquer, catch you all again in a bit.


FIA vs FOTA – The First Punchup

Well, that didn’t go very well now did it?

From what I’ve been reading, the teams and the FIA couldn’t thrash out a deal in London on Friday so they’re still in deadlock. Diplomacy (or French judges) will have to decide the outcome, hopefully with a few teams left in F1!
I think some people need to take their sensible pills and try to get this resolved. A grid without Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull and Toyota? Worrying for any fan of F1.

Please tell me this isn’t just some childish power play from Mosley, the press would have a field day and the sport would lose out horrifically. Come on boys and girls, sort it out so we can go racing next year.

Please? Pretty please? 🙂


Spanish GP and other ramblings

Although everyone said it was a forgone conclusion that the Brawns would do well, I was still very pleased to see them racing the nuts off their cars to try to beat each other. The drivers of both those cars were brilliant from start to finish. Excellent to see.

Oddest of all however, I’ve been reading that Barrichello is claimed to have said he would quit the sport if he discovered the Brawn team was favouring Button’s car. I find this utterly gobsmacking when the stuff I’ve read has pretty much said the opposite. Its the equivalent of someone saying “I’ll eat my hat if…”.
Brawn was always the good apple in the pile of mush that was the morally ambiguous Ferrari team of yesteryear. If he says there’s no favouritism, there isn’t any. That’s that.

Now on to the more comedy side of this week’s news. Ferrari and co saying they’ll quit F1 if the FIA don’t talk properly to the teams before handing down supreme judgements from on high. News flash lads, there is no FIA without the teams, grow up, realise that F1 is meant to be the pinnacle of motorsport, deal with it and move the hell on. Idiots!
To say I’m on the side of the teams would be an understatement. I’ve watched too many seasons decided by court battles and off track deals already. You throw in two sets of rules for the teams to scream about and its going to be utter bedlam.

Heaven help us!

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