Windows 7, EVE and other strangeness

Well I’ve had a week from hell at work but at least I’ve been able to play with my little Revo thingy which is still knocking my socks off with what its letting me get away with.

Windows 7 is now on it and apart from a log in time issue (very, very slight and feels faster than it was in Vista), I’m still ridiculously happy with the purchase I made. I think this little thing’s dropped in price since I bought it so its now in total bananas territory price wise. If you can spare a couple of hundred, get an R3600. That’s all I can say!

OK, so Windows 7 on a TV. Bit weird not having any proper surface to run my mouse over (I really miss that!) but that’s my setup here in the ivory tower. The features available are pretty good and the OS seems stable enough even on the Revo’s limited shoulders. I think its the upgrade it was touted to be absolutely. Although I never really had that much of an issue with Vista, Windows 7 looks great and seems slightly easier to use. Maybe I’m just dreaming it because its a new OS. Who knows.

On to another rather interesting development, EVE.
The game’s been around for ages now and I knew I’d end up playing it at some point but I had no idea how soon it was going to turn out. As an experiment, I went to and downloaded a copy of the game (2 or 3 HOURS!!). The plan was to throw it onto the net top and giggle at the juddering frame rates. I stand corrected. It runs perfectly on the Revo without a single freeze or problem at all. That extra graphics power obviously came in handy. I wouldn’t want to try running it on a net book.

Its a bit confusing but I’ve only been playing the game about an hour so far so you can expect a learning curve. I’ll need to talk to my buddies about how you play it properly, I can’t seem to fly the ship straight!!