A Week in the Life of an iPhone

Well, I’m a week into owning an iPhone and I have to once again admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for the impact owning such a capable smartphone has had.

I was prepared for the novelty of owning a smartphone, I just hadn’t thought I’d be using it for anything other than wasting time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been fiddling with the thing practically constantly when I have a bit of spare time, it was using it as a completely integrated device that took by surprise.

I’ve been using it to tap out quick emails at work (work based emails I might add), planning and confirming train times and blogging (I’m typing this on the iPhone while riding the train in fact!).
These were functions of the device that I’d been aware of but never really thought I’d be using quite as much. This thing’s going to have paid for itself through saved time and usefulness in no time at all.

My only reservation would be battery life, it’s not bad but it could definitely be improved. We’ll see how that plays out I guess.

Now if I could just stop people pulling my leg about selling out and getting an iPhone… 🙂