The iPhone Countdown

No, that’s not an Apple sanctioned rewrite of the 80s Europe classic, the title’s just there to point out that the iPhone 3Gs comes out in Vodafone UKs stores tomorrow morning. Having pre ordered mine, I’m presumably able to pick it up on its release date so tomorrow’s the day when I join the legions of people who own one.

Just a couple of things (there always are with me):

Vodafone’s stores opening early
Well, yes. They’re opening early for a Vodafone shop but that’s hardly early for anyone else. 08:30 in the morning you say?!? My goodness! Are they in another time zone? 🙂

What kind of rush are they expecting?
The 3Gs has been available on pretty much any network you like except Vodafone for a few months now, is there really going to be a mad rush to get your hands on one? I’ll let you know when I’ve got mine!

Is the hype about the phone really justified?
I know people are a little disappointed with the battery life but what’s an iPhone really like to live with? Again, I’ll give mine a try and let you know what I think.

Beyond those minor concerns and questions, I think I’m in danger of enjoying the iPhone. Maybe. 😀