What’s Missing : The Snag List

OK, favourable iPhone comments done, maybe it’s time to look at some shortfalls. No more Mr Nice Guy!! 🙂

Whenever I save an image, why doesn’t the software ask where I want to put it?!? You can only create new galleries in iTunes, why? You end up with the Camera Roll being full and then you’ll never guess what? You can’t move photos at all, you’re stuck with them where the iPhone dumps them.

Nice but not consistent across apps. Windows had this in it’s first version pull your finger out Apple!!

Stylus Support
Where is it? You could lob loads of graphics and handwriting apps on the thing, make typing more accurate, loads of things!! Too afraid to look like an ipaq perchance?

I know I’m being terribly unfair to the iPhone, its a brilliant piece of kit and I really enjoy using it. I just feel that future versions would be improved if they could just take a look at the issues mentioned above. Oh and good luck with the iPad Apple!

That’s it, I’m done for now! 🙂