Didn’t Button do Well

It’s been ages since I last posted anything F1 related, I can hear the groans from you now!

I just wanted to say congrats to the Ferrari boys at Monza over the weekend and definitely make a note of saying how well Button drove. Yep, this is me, praising the driving of a McLaren driver. Try sitting down, it’ll help.

Having picked out what can only be considered the least likely of the possible aero packages (high downforce at a track that’s 70% full throttle?) he not only made it work, he did a fantastic job of showing that manoeuvrability can work even on low downforce tracks too.

Obviously, Ferrari had a quicker car on the straights but Jenson managed to play a blinder, in the end beaten by the Ferrari pit crew not Alonso on track. That’s quite something when you think about it.