Geeking Out

rock paper scissors lizard spock

Rock - Paper - Scissors - Lizard - Spock

Well, its very nice to finally have my PC properly set up at the new place. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms as the only PCs I was ever on seemed to be work ones that were broken!

In honour of the nice new desk and creative cabling, I rewarded myself with an entire day of playing about with all our WordPress installs dotted around the web. As you know, Her Majesty runs Cat’s Eye Carving so I got the chance to run a few backups and clear out some older stuff from the tables behind her site.

I also got to try and copy her site down to my PC so that I could run it on WAMP Server, I nearly got the replica working but I’m stuck on one final part (permalinks are failing, it’ll be an easy fix!). I’ll get a post up here once I figure out what the problem is, I know its my settings in the WordPress installation but I just need to get an idea what I’ve done.
I really can’t tell you how useful and brilliant WAMPServer is, I’ve got a local test install (in addition to the replica version of Cats Eye Carving I’ve been playing with) and its brilliant for trialling things without the world being able to watch as you nail your website to the wall with a failed experiment.

As I’m sure you know, I’m in the process of trying to wrap my head around themes in WordPress so I can create my own from scratch. Its going well but mostly because WAMPServer is letting me make all my mistakes on this PC not some random test site I’ve had to bring up.

See what I mean? I’ve had a great day geeking out to the max, its been brilliant! 😀