Acer Aspire R3700

Looking on Ebuyer today, I spotted that the Acer Aspire Revo R3700 is now available for pre-order. Having used the R3600 for about a year and a half for blogging and photo editing (on an Atom processor!) I am well and truly going to get an order in for the new one. Memory and hard drive space tend to be the only real stumbling blocks I’ve found with the current model, yes its not exactly the highest powered CPU either but it does the job a heck of a lot quicker than a netbook would.

The R3700 comes in flavours that have more memory, larger hard disks and importantly more powerful CPUs than my current workhorse (well, pony) so I’m obligated to go for the purchase.

The old R3600? Don’t worry, I have many plans for this little thing. More about that later. 🙂