Windows 7 Junctions

I’ve been recently working on trying to update some of our older install scripts to work with Windows 7 and I’ve been giggling at the new setup for the all users profile (as was). Back in the good or bad old days you had C:\Documents and Settings\All Users to sling all the various shortcuts and so on that you wanted to be visible to all users. Now its all change!

As detailed in this rosetta stone of a page on, the folders that we used to use are now all over the shop (yet strangely more logical in their approach, weird!). Now for example, if you’re throwing things into everyone’s Start menu, it goes in C:\ProgamData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu instead. I’m sure we’ll all get the hang of it, it’ll just take a little while.

Old timers like me still remember seeing the Start button and behaving like cave men seeing fire! 😀