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Month: July 2011

Who you tryin’ to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m local?

Trying to log in to a local account in Windows 7?
Missing that little log in to dropdown from the good old XP days telling you the computer’s name?

Rather than working out the name of the PC and using it as part of the username (ie computer_name\Username) just cheat and let the PC fill that in for itself.


Easy! 😉


Windows 7 Tips?

Hey guys and girls. Over the past few months I’ve been picking up loads of tips and tricks for getting Windows 7 doing things in a more friendly way.
I’m thinking about sharing a few of them on the blog if you’re interested.

Maybe if I do a few test posts to gauge interest, I can work out if it’s worth doing some more in depth tutorials and stuff.

I’d really like to hear from you if you’ve got any preferences or suggestions.


A Very Quick Swing Around the South Bank

Just to show what us geeks do when left alone in London after a day on a course, we shoot silly videos and upload them to YouTube to see how easy it is.

I think the world of film is safe from me!!


Serenity’s First Upgrade (Awww isn’t she cute!)

To update on where we are with Serenity, the other 4Gb of RAM went in this morning. The first of a few planned upgrades, a strategically selected (cheap but very cheerful) video card is the next one.

She’s growing up so fast. She’s only 12 days old and she’s already improving herself! 😀

Ciao for now!


Building the PC

Right then!
I promised I’d try and get a description and some pictures of the build I just did, well here they are.

In the images you can see the parts all lined up, CPU fitted, cooler fitted, memory installed and finally the board going into the case. Of course the power supply and case cabling were also completed before I turned the PC on! The build took an hour in total but that was caused by me being cautious and paranoid about cable management.

As a result, I’d like to introduce to the world: Serenity.

Yes she’s named after the vessel in Firefly, I thought it fitted her as she was built from parts and will spend most of her life with me fiddling about trying to get her running better!
Next up is the memory upgrade to 8Gb and the Firefly sticker. 😀


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