Meeting Beverley Craven

I had a wonderful evening on Saturday that culminated in me meeting the woman who wrote and performed one of my favourite songs growing up.

Beverley and MeBeverley Craven’s “Holding On” from her album Beverley Craven haunted me when I was a young lad, still at school. That song along with others of hers have been old friends as I’ve made my way reluctantly into adult life.

Having an opportunity to see Beverley on tour wasn’t really anything I thought I’d be able to do growing up so I was delighted to discover she was playing at the Tithe Barn in Bishop’s Cleave! This was Beverley Craven, the Beverley Craven who’s performed all over the world coming to a venue near me.

Beverley was excellent. Her voice is just as strong as her recordings remember her and her anecdotes between songs were heartfelt and very humble. Beverley was making it clear that although a muti platinum selling artist, she is still a person and very proud Mum of three.

The absolute highlight of the night for me (aside from hearing the woman herself sing) was having an opportunity to speak to her and have her sign a copy of her début CD for me. She was also kind enough to pose for a photo with the star-struck crazy guy you can see in the picture above.

In short, thanks Bev, you were magnificent and I’ll never forget the day I got to meet you. x