Taking the Plunge – Moving to Windows 8

Windows 8 Logo (Blue)Hi again boys and girls! I thought I’d give you an update from what I was saying before about Windows 8, I did as I threatened and upgraded to Windows 8 while it was still nice and affordable.

Again, loving it. It’s very different and sometimes if I’m honest frustrating (getting to settings in programs for example) but that’s just because I’m not completely up to speed with it yet. I’ve noticed the final version takes fractionally longer to boot but we’re only talking seconds here so it’s noticeable but not bad enough to really matter.

I’m really happy with it running on my laptop. Although it screams out for a touchscreen, it’s nice and easy to drive and all the keyboard shortcuts I’m used to work just as well as they ever did. It’s not like moving to Ubuntu or anything, even DOS commands I grew up with still work!

The cheap upgrade window (excuse the pun) has now passed so I’ll be very interested in how the OS performs in the marketplace now. Corporate uptake of this will also be interesting, wait for the Surface Pro to show up and be evaluated for field forces. If it delivers a usable platform that can be adequately secured and with good battery life you should see it fly off the shelves as the corporate and education sectors dive on them. We’ll see though I guess.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes here with all the upgrades, should be a laugh…