Making a Start with PowerShell

I’ve recently been challenging myself to learn a bit more conversational PowerShell as is where and the effort is beginning to pay off.
As with most programming or scripting languages, the going is slow to start off with (you don’t even know the comment character so you feel completely useless!) but it is making more and more sense the more I’m using it.

Basic operations can feel incredibly clunky but once you get why you have to do the hoop jumping by moving on to more complex scenarios, the necessity for accuracy become blatantly obvious.
I’m going to work through a few examples on here over the next couple of weeks so you can see the mad scientist side of my brain at work. Please bear in mind however, I am still learning. What you see here may not be the optimal solution but it will work I promise.

Also, although I know most people are ahead of this, I’m going to concentrate where possible on Windows 7’s version of PowerShell. It’s what we’re running at work and the scripts produced should be compatible with later versions. If I find differences, I’ll document them. 🙂