Flower Tote

We were over at Showborough House today for the Affordable Garden Art Exhibition they’re running at the moment. There were a ton of really creative and fascinating sculptures so I was merrily snapping away getting some great images.
My favourite? Oh, that was a picture of a bottle tote full of flowers.
No, they weren’t in the show, they were just in the garden.

Unconvincing Sunset

Well, this image didn’t work at all! It was meant to be an exercise in post processing to make a normal picture look better. It still looks like a normal image! FAIL!

Stormy Cathedral

I loved the way the sunlight was bouncing off the cathedral this evening. The storm clouds behind are in the process of soaking Gloucester!

Railway Bridge

Just a quick snap today. Sorry, too tired for anything creative!! 🙂

Cause and Effect?

Can you build a wall having taken an entire pack of ProPlus? No. Apparently not! 🙂