The New World of Work

Rather a grandiose title I’ll grant you but that’s what Microsoft are telling us to be ready for. Lots of kids born in the 80s, people over 50 and shock of shocks, WOMEN in the workplace! What the blue blazes is wrong with the world!! 🙂
Joking aside, I managed to find their White Paper about what to expect and I’ll admit, its an interesting read.

Have a look at the White Paper and you’ll see what I mean.

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Update: TechRepublic have been looking at Generation Y for some time now, have a look at their recent post about how IT departments should adapt. (Have a look at

Personally speaking, I welcome the challenge of integrating all the devices and ideas that will come with these people, however I still maintain that checks and measures must be in place to ensure the legality of everybody’s actions. Too many disks, laptops and files have been lost already. 😀