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Month: September 2008

Fantastic Drive by Alonso – Singapore 2008

Let me make this clear from the outset, although a Ferrari fan and a supporter of all our British drivers, I’m a fan of F1 first and foremost.

With the various swords hanging over the head of Hamilton I felt I shouldn’t really post anything as my opinion would a: mean nothing and b: just read like a Ferrari fan slagging off a driver for making an honest mistake. Discussion about the bus stop chicane over.
Well almost. Did anyone else get pissed off with them calling the whole debarcle “chicanegate”? A gate in a chicane, are you completely mad?!? And please stop putting -gate at the end of everything, its not big, its not clever, it screams wanker!

Anyhoo, back to the plot…..

Alonso’s drive to the win at Singapore will definitely go down as one for the history books. Whatever you think of him (and many think less of him for his tumultuous season at McLaren), Alonso drove incredibly well to achieve the win in Singapore’s inaugural race. Having qualified 15th on a street circuit, he needed a miracle to make it to the podium. Given that he was driving a Renault it was even more impressive! Safety car periods of course help in such endeavours but it was impressive nontheless.

Ferrari however…. I just can’t understand why they continue to use the traffic light system for pit lane release. So far its injured two members of the pit crew, resulted in two dicisions of unsafe release into the path of another car and the best one, the complete separation of a fuel hose from the refueling system. Although the fuel rigs do have a cut off system, you can clearly see FUEL being thrown over the pit crew as the hose passes them.

When are the team going to admit that their latest toy is costing them a constructor’s and a driver’s championship? When will the FIA step in, say enough’s enough and ban the thing. Its dangerous, it risks lives and its costing the team little things like WINS THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD. Buy a fecking lollypop for God’s sake!!


Star Trek does Monty Python

I was checking out YouTube the other day, looking for the legendary I’m f**king Matt Damon song (very funny I might add) when I found this….

I know that kind of thing has been done a million times before, I was just very impressed with what they’d managed to achieve!


Microsoft’s Essentials Backpack

I just had to put something up on my blog about this as I think it has to be one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a very long while.

The other day I was having a quick scout on Microsoft’s website about their new SQL Server 2008 database system. I’ve been reading for ages how apparently brilliant it was going to be so I thought I’d read up a bit on it. What I found was the Essentials Backpack.

“Who cares?” I hear you all cry and who am I to stop you? The essentials backpack is a simple but I think brilliant idea. Put simply, its a compressed file containing information that someone who just wanted to know what the product was all about can download.

Inside the backpack are things like a podcast about the product, a videocast, a case study (McLaren Electronics – the guys who make all the engine management units for all the F1 teams no less), a whitepaper detailing the product and so on. Basically, an information pack, using multiple delivery methods to get you up to speed on the idea of SQL Server 2008 and its basic principles.

Whether Microsoft were the first to have this idea I don’t know, what I do know is that its simply a brilliant bit of marketing, a way of getting people the information you know they’ll need if they’ve never seen your product before, in one place. Who among the IT or any other community for that matter hasn’t experienced the sinking feeling that is trying to find out about a product but not knowing where to start? The Essentials Backpack completely solves this issue in one elegant (and surprisingly small) download.
Have a look at it on Microsoft’s SQL Site, its the Essentials link on the right.

I for one can see the value of backpacks for numerous uses. Working as I do at a college, I can see it as a useful, downloadable resource for our students starting this month. Travel details, student handbooks, podcasts by our events and sports team, all of this could be available to our students in a single download containing all the information the student does or doesn’t know they need.

Its a simple idea but by ‘eck is it a good one! 😀


Massa’s Revenge – Valencia 2008

As first races go, it looked like Valencia had spent quite a bit of money and time getting the track and paddock areas fitted in time for the start of the race weekend. Shakedowns had already taken place with the GP2 and other races that had taken place there but I don’t think a circuit can truly be considered ready for F1 to descend on it unless they’ve done it before. As was the case in Canada, even a track that’s held races before may not be able to cope with the forces exerted on it by this season’s cars. The tarmac literally being torn up by them in that case.

This race definitely had its good and bad parts. The fact that Massa managed to take his car from pole to the win was a plus, the explosion of a second Ferrari engine due to a con rod failure from the same batch as Massa’s last one wasn’t! The promised overtaking was nowhere near as evident as any F1 fan would like it to be and to be honest, I was rather disappointed with the whole thing.

As it stands, I really think we’re going to be in a position soon where the title goes down to the wire once again and bravo for that. If the teams can set up their cars and the drivers still in the hunt can pull the kind of driving they all have over the past few races, we’ve got a formula 1 season finale to look forward to!

Speaking of looking forward. F1’s off to Spa next. Can’t wait……..


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