RIP Honda F1

With the death of Super Aguri and the Honda race team itself its fair to say that the Japanese firm has called time on its F1 racing division.

Being a Honda fan, I’m gutted that the team, who were looking on course for a revival after their two season slump are not going to race at all next season. Button and Barichello will be without drives from the looks of it and its going to be a hard Christmas for the lads and ladies a Brackley. Not to mention Ross Brawn who’s been enduring this season (like his drivers) to become team boss of an outfit that looked capable of winning next season.

I’m not surprised car manufacturers are looking to bail out of F1. Many look set to do so over the next few seasons if those proposed standardised engines come in anyway, I’m just surprised it was Honda. Toyota maybe but Honda? What’s up with that?!?
I hope they find a buyer.

With Seat pulling out of the BTCC and Honda pulling out of F1, I’m going to keep very quiet about who I like in Moto GP unless they fold too. These things happen in threes you know! 🙁