Bahrain and the WMSC Ruling

I didn’t want to put anything up here until we’d all heard about the ourcome of the World Motor Sport Council’s ruling regarding McLaren and the liegate scandal. Apart from the truely annoying habit of the press to stick gate on the end of everything, I was quite pleased with the outcome.

I know many would consider this to be the exact opposite of my usual opinion of McLaren, I think its fabulous that for once the championship has managed a number of rounds now without a single court ruling fouling up the whole thing. Rear diffuser legality, suspended three race bans; this is motorsport being run by the sane at last. Brilliant, now let’s get racing.

OK, belated again but here’s my take on the whole Bahrain race result.
We finally got to see the true pace of the cars for this season (well, the early part of it anyhow). Although you’d have to be certified nuts to think that the cars will remain the same all season, it can be an indicator of what may be to come for the foreseeable future at least.

Aware I’m rambling, I’ll cut this one short. Brawn GP need to improve their car if they’re going to win this season. Button’s wringing that thing’s neck and winning but that can only last so long. Ferrari need to burn their car and start again. There, I said it!