Malasian Grand Prix – Wetter, not better

I know I’m leaving it a little late to go slapping up a Malaysia race rant the day before China’s qualifying but I’m just like that I guess!

What I wanted to do was wait until the diffuser row had finally blown over before commenting on what was a thoroughly bizarre race weekend for F1. McLaren caught blatantly cheating – resulting in suspension then resignation for Ryan, crazy driving conditions and a race the only yielded half points. You don’t see any of that very often (apart from rain in Malaysia when the sun goes down).

I can’t help but agree that the race should’ve ended up like that, expecting even millionaire drivers to cope with those conditions was a bit of a big ask. Shame they couldn’t just do what Moto GP did at their first race in Qatar last weekend, run it the day after to complete the race distance. Its silly but its a thought! 😀

Reading how it looks like heavy rain in China on Sunday, you can’t help but try to imagine a Ferrari with oars!