New Team Order

OK, so I think its no secret that my old Ferrari/Honda allegiance has transferred to a Brawn/Ferrari one now. The B team have become my main one more from an old love of Brawn’s skill, Barrichello’s nuts driving and the rise of Button than from any patriotism towards a British team (although that is of course a bonus).

With that in mind I started my traditional hunt for the obligatory supporters merchandise. Its at this point that you realise just how new the team is!! Three coats (all about £100) and a cap are all you can buy right now. The web site at is a little basic (not as basic as this one!) but does the job well and centralises stuff like the team’s YouTube presence, merchandising and so on; so I assume we won’t be waiting too long for more stuff to go on there and become available.

Needless to say, my cap’s in the post! 😉