A Tale of Three Cities!

Hi there! I know its been a while since I last wrote anything up here so, to my two readers, I apologise unreservedly!

I’ve been working away doing site moves in Manchester last weekend and now London this one. I’ve done more miles and stayed longer in hotels over the last two weeks than I have in the two years preceding. Its tiring but fun!

There is something I’ve noticed above all however. Everything they say about going somewhere on business is so true! You don’t get a chance to really see the place you’re in, you just scoot across town to the place you’re working that weekend and get cracking.
The architecture can’t pass you by however and I have to say I was utterly gobsmacked by some of the wonderful buildings they’ve put up in Manchester’s business districts. Really something special.

London of course can trump that. Then again, I would say that, London houses the most gorgous building in the world as far as I’m concerned. The Gherkin really is stunning close up.

Anyhow, hotel dinner is calling. Its not great but it’ll do I suppose. Ta ta for now! 🙂