Net tops and TVs!

Well, the monolith finally gave up the ghost. With a subtle thunk, it decided that staying on was all too much and that it should go and have an indefinite lie down.
I was always a fan of the monolith, my great big CRT widescreen TV that dominated the flat. It was a statement of intentions in a way. “I’m going to watch movies, lots of them. Deal with it or LEAVE!” A simple message we can all agree but one that pretty much summed up its primary use. 🙂

As already said, my bestest friend in the world of electronics is now gone. Its replacement a rather swanky new Samsung all singing all dancing high def thing. And very pleasant it is too!

What’s really throwing me is how I can be merrily sat here with a can of Coke, wireless keyboard on lap, tapping away at this blog post on a PC attached to my TV. Didn’t Tomorrow’s World have something like this years ago?!?

Anyhow, enough of this typing stuff, net tops and TVs are all well and good but I need to go watch a movie!