Support your local (or International) Plugin Developers!

Scott Ellis, who runs came up with the brillaint idea of having a day dedicated to the appreciation of the WordPress community’s brillaint plugin developers. I know I’ll be playing my part and chucking the minimum five bucks at the developers that have helped me. If you’re a WordPresser, maybe even if you’re not. Why not donate to those fabulous people who’ve been giving us GPL and shareware titles and plugins to help us get by.

Please see Scott’s post at for the genius himself to let you know how to get involved.

What a brilliant idea. I for one had practically forgotten that I could and should donate if I’m using someone else’s efforts to ease my own blog needs. I heard some developers count themselves a success if they get to 1,000,000 downloads and have been paid 300 bucks! That’s hardly a fair rate of exchange for all that work!! They do this becuase they want to give to their particular blog’s community, maybe its time we gave back. 🙂

March 1st, put it in your diary!