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Month: April 2010

Volcanic Ash and Snowy Winters

OK, so over the past week, I’ve been reading about sunspots (or lack thereof) causing us to have cold winters for the foreseeable and volcanic eruptions in Iceland that are sending volcanic ash over the northern European countries.

Somewhere between the volcanic winter and the jet stream being diverted by our sun spot shortage, I’m not going to be throwing my coat in the wardrobe just yet.

Of course, as I write this its blazing hot outside with a clear (yes clear of clouds – volcanic or otherwise) blue sky. Good job we’ve got scientists to tell us we’re all in trouble. I would never have known! 🙂


Cat’s Eye Relocation

Over the Christmas period, Her Majesty moved sites from the Forest of Dean to Brockworth. This sounds like an easy enough job right? Wrong! Her Majesty is a stonemason/sculptor so the raw materials she uses are a little on the heavy side.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, yesterday was the official opening of Cat’s Eye Carving at its new site. There were plenty of people in attendance and the entire afternoon and evening were a roaring success.

Can I send out a big thank you to everyone who managed to make it (including a few who made it to the craft centre but couldn’t find Cat’s Eye!!). It was fantastic to see so many people wishing Her Majesty luck. I know she truly appreciated it.

Anyhow, that was pretty much what I came on here to say. If you were there, you’ll remember it as I did, if you weren’t, you missed one hell of a party! 😀


Do I or Don’t I?

I’ve been thinking for ages whether I’d like to build myself a nice swanky new PC and I’m in a very interesting quandary about it. Right now, I’m merrily using my little Revo R3600 or iPhone to do my blogging and other general IT stuff at home.

Although I had plans to use the Revo as a little quiet media centre, that all went for a walk when I realised we were using the TV pretty much all the time meaning the computer attached to it wasn’t being used. Needless to say, its now attached to the back of my monitor taking up zero space and making hardly a sound. Blogging was never going to overheat the little guy.

OK, so here’s the question and try to remember who’s asking it.
Would building a PC actually achieve anything?
Sure, I’d have the fun of putting one together, getting all the software up and running (maybe even using it to teach myself some other OS’s other than Windows ones) and generally enjoying the whole “roll your own” experience I’ve had on numerous occasions before.

But in the longer run, would it be worth it? Couldn’t I justify the cash spent and the hours gobbled up by such a hobby/project? I’m not sure and that’s where its all getting complicated. If nothing else, her majesty would be thrilled to see yet more kit in our little nest!!

I think I’ve just talked myself out of it…… Maybe if I just pop by ebuyer again and have a look at that case I liked…… 😀


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