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Month: May 2010

This is TOTALLY going in my blog!

OK, so I was quoting Barney from HIMYM but the sentiment’s the same. 🙂

I’ve just plugged my iPhone into my PC again and guess what? Its telling me its never seen it before and that it’ll sync but only once its wiped my phone.
Annoying? Muchly
First time? No!

It seems every time I plug the thing in, iTunes decides its brand new (or stolen) and wipes it AGAIN! I’d use another bit of (official) software but Apple won’t let me. Thanks a lot.

You can probably guess, I don’t think I’ll be getting an iPad!!



Summer’s Here?

Greetings fellow puny humans!

Its a hell of a day happening outside Ed’s Tower today and I’m continuing my summer tradition of staying inside in the shade, desperately trying to stay as cool as possible.

Will it last though? It’s a sad but true fact that we’re now in that period where this country’s weather could either choose to give up on the whole summer thing altogether or get toasty warm and stay that way for months at any moment. Personally, I’d like to think that floods, snow and recession won’t be held against us and that a good summer could happen for once. Please!

Oh and there’s a world cup to watch, the British Grand Prix to attend (still can’t believe I’m going to that!) and many a bare leg to admire. For such a reserved country, we whip our kit off fast as soon as the mercury starts rising! Optimists one and all us Brits.

TTFN, keep the faith and get the burgers on the grill! 😀


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