Preparing for Silversone

Well, her majesty and I have now got our tent and we’re starting to get ourselves prepared for the weekend after next at Silverstone. It’s a bit of a tripple whamy for me as I just bought my first tent, am about to go camping for the first time in far too long and get to see my first Grand Prix. Not just one day mind you, the whole race meet, all three days! Brilliant!

I can’t think of a single way to thank my Dad enough for making the whole thing possible. He kindly got me and her majesty our tickets to go. Thanks Dad!

All that remains now is to try to make it through next week at work before going on leave without going crazy thinking about all the stuff I want to check out when I get to the track.

As for the camping, we’ve got the Pot Noodles and a kettle just in case we need ’em!