Lazy Days

Well, its been pretty manic at work recently as we’re gearing up for our Windows 7 rollout across the organisation. I’ve been repackaging software for the last few months and have been utterly shocked at how bad that part of the computing industry is. The process involved with the creation of a package is straightforward enough its the fact that you have to practically con the installers to get some to work and the workarounds you find yourself contemplating are truly shocking.

Where’s the elegance? Where’s the brilliant lateral thinking I’m used to seeing in IT solutions? For shame IT industry, for shame! 🙁

Anyhow, I digress. As per my manager’s advice, rather than continue my episodes of rocking in the corner or growling at my PC screen, I’ve taken a couple of days off. No work, just some blogging and generally sorting lots of things out for a day or two. Its day one and I’m already feeling a lot better. Strange how taking a day out really can pay you back in spades.

Ahhhhhhhh! 😀