Stuff I’m in to right now

OK, so if you’ve ever wanted to see behind the curtain and see what those lectures at MIT, Harvard and so on are about, I’m with you.
Enter Academic Earth. I know, I know it’s been around for ages but I’m getting in to it right now. I’ve been looking at some of the courses to do with electronics and object oriented programming. Yes, I’m a nerd. This is not new information!! 🙂

Next up, I’ve finally got round to reading Clear and Present Danger. The movie was awesome, the book’s even better! Clancy you dog! You did it to me with The Hunt for Red October and now you’ve done it again with this one! Leave the story alone and just film that Hollywood, your writers aren’t as good as Tom.

I’m also drinking more water but in the current weather, it’ll turn to ice next time I venture out. I’m going on the record here, I’m not a fan of snow or falling over for that matter but strangely I’d rather be cold than hot.

Finally, I’d like to remind you about Earthcam the single most interesting people watching site EVER! I’ve told you about it before on here but it’s another thing I’m back in to right now.

End of brain dump… 😀