Tonight (D&D Song)

This song is one I discovered trawling YouTube one day. Allie Goertz is a singer/songwriter who puts her songs on the web so everyone can go and enjoy them, although this is one of her older ones, it’s the one that I like most.

Listening to this song reminds me of a long time ago when I was heavily in to table top RPGs and makes me think about all the laughs we had and the simple enjoyment of spending time with my friends pretending to be heroes (or villains). When I was a student, I’m positive it’s what kept me from going crazy, I just got to enjoy being a geek. Things seemed simpler or at least that’s how I remember it.

I’m older now and life conspires against such pursuits, your friends drift apart (or in my case – me from them), time becomes more scarce and you think about the good old days but don’t seem to have the energy to set about bringing them back.

All I know is that there’s a big part of my formative years encapsulated in Allie’s song. I can still taste the coke and pizza and I still chuckle at some of the situations we got our characters in to.
Time moves on and so must I. It’s just nice to look back and smile sometimes.