I’m Getting a Laptop

I’m a desktop PC kinda guy, I don’t spend all my money on clothes, I don’t really worry what I look like, I use a desktop PC. They’re cheaper, faster, stronger and better than laptops. I don’t need to buy a new one every time I think a new graphics card would be nice. Hell, I can add a blu ray player when they get cheaper without needing anything more than a cross-headed screwdriver.

So, why am I looking to get a laptop? What on Earth is possessing me to go and spend all that money on a glorified battery back with some microchips stuck on it?
Simple really, they’re brill and I want one. Not for the looks or the street cred (showing my age there!), no, its because I’ve been tapping away far more merrily on this here laptop I managed to borrow from work than I ever do on my desktop PC. I can type while watching TV, I can use that little mobile Internet dongle thingy I bought (I’ll post about that another time) to connect to the world and check out the web. I can still work in a power cut for crying out loud.
I need a laptop as its a portable DVD player, an MP3 jukebox, a portable link back to work, a useful tool and yeah, they’re cool!

So, internal conversation over I thought I’d have a look around for a suitable device that will do what I need and be in my budget. I knew with the release of Asus’ Eee PC prices would probably be affordable for a laptop of the type I was looking for. So with that in mind I went and had a shop around for a cheap and cheerful laptop.

The one I’ve decided I’m probably about to buy is Dell’s Inspiron 1525 you know the one, its on the TV every two minutes but that wasn’t why I chose it. Aside from being manufactured by Dell (a company I’ve always rated highly having supported numerous ones in previous jobs), the Inspiron is an affordable laptop like many others but its got some touches I quite like. It has a dual headphone socket, cheap as chips to put in, a brilliant idea nonetheless, that totally ticks the box DVD playback wise for me as it makes it a definite possibility for playback of movies for more than one person discreetly. It has an 8 in 1 card reader on the front that takes all the memory cards I use, that alone is a selling point when I think that I want to use my flickr account more. Its got a very, very good LCD, wi fi, bluetooth and its on sale at the moment for a price that starts at only £329! That’s a bargain!

Of course, I’m not going to buy the base specification, I’ll save some more pennies and get one that is a little more swanky/functional. Dell do better laptops but this is all I think I’m going to need. Its only really going to be for entertainment, Internet browsing and typing blog posts. Anything else I can use my desktop PC for…. 🙂