Massa, what a shame – Hungary 2008

Leaping into the lead from the start, maintaining that lead until just three laps from the line, you can see why Farrari are facing some criticism from pundits and to an extent their drivers. Massa pretty much won that race on merit, holding back Hamilton (more than a little change from the previous race) and keeping his pace fast. Only for that engine failure to rob him of a win I felt he and his team deserved. But then I would, being a Ferrari fan!

My congratulations for keeping his head and driving sensibly go to Kovalainen who (although many would say was gifted with that win due to retirements) drove his car protectively and got it to the finish. In order to finish first, you must first finish. Massa and Ferrari take heed!

Once again, Glock and Piquet drove fantastically well too. Thus proving that GP2 really is a good feeder for F1 however both drivers seem to have taken a great deal of time getting into the swing. Whether its luck, skill or whatever remains to be seen but I personally think its brilliant to see so many of the new drivers finally getting results.

Although I’m of course disappointed that Hamilton was unable to join his team mate on the podium I do salute the sport for once again proving that since the demise of Ferrari – Schumacher dominance; the sport has not only survived but thrived as a whole crop of new, incredibly fast young drivers are really battling for the wins. Three or four teams at the top of their game are so much more interesting to watch than a procession of cars. Even I expected McLaren to dominate after their qualifying performances but it just goes to show what a difference 70 laps and a couple of pit stops can make to a speculated result.

All we need now is a freak 1 -2 for Honda! 😀