Moving the blog

Apart from the minor problems of setting up a host (and trust me that can get a little involved) I’ve had quite a good experience moving my blog from Adept Hosting to GoDaddy. I know, its the Microsoft of the hosting world but I wanted simplicity and a company that could actually reply to emails and phone calls. I’m a Windows user, I like the easy life!

I’m still dead chuffed I’ve managed to get as my new domain name. I feel like a celeb with my own domain specifically named after me! 😀

Although I’m now in new digs, I apologise that this blog will remain pretty much as it was before I moved it. Its new, its not getting any better!
Anyhow, I better scoot. The MotoGP is about to start and I want to see if Hayden can capitalise on that front row qualifying….. See, same as it ever was!